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a paper cut art building with an xacto knife

This body of work is inspired by a paragraph of Pema Chödrön’s book “When Things Fall Apart” and in the everyday architecture of Merida, mostly the decorative window grids that everyone here uses to guard their homes. 


Pema’s book talks about ego (the identity that we defend fiercely), the natural impermanence of life, loss and death. Seems grim but I assure you, it’s not, actually it's full of life, I feel very adventurous and mysterious everytime I read it. 


At some point during reflection, it occurred to me that my ego felt like a box, a tiny one, surrounded by gates that guard it. No matter how pretty or flashy the box is, at the end of the day it’s still a box, limited and small. I can see my spirit inside that box, conscious about the situation, wanting to establish contact with me but instead, I’m so focused on taking care of the box that I’m unable to hear any messages.

These little houses, boxes and tiny spheres are a representation of the ego. Many times there will be a mysterious habitant full of aliveness and energy inside; other times the house will remain closed with its beautiful protective grids that will ensure no one gets in or out. 


And so, in this way I will narrate in a visual way what I think is the relationship between those two parts of the human being… In some ways, my work is a documentation of the learning that I would like to pursue until the day I die. It’s the story of the uninterrupted dissolution and formation of my ego, layers appear and disappear and I write and draw the advances and setbacks of that story. Sometimes I’m a mere witness, other times I wrap around that particular identification that inevitably and thankfully will come to an end.

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