tribal woman

Woman in feathers

Have you ever checked this beautiful book “Before they pass away”? Is from Jimmy Nelson, a very talented photographer with a lot of experience. A few years ago he photographed cultures that are ancient and on the verge of disappearance. This pictures are endearing and full of beauty… anyway my husband gave me this awesome book for my 30th birthday and for my last paper cut I used one of the pictures that inspired me and moved me very much.

So this is my interpretation of one of the Jimmy Nelson’s portraits, is a way to present tribute to him and to his wonderful book and also is a tribute to those mysterious people that live far away (in intricate and profound cultures) from the conventionalities of this modern world and whose pictures I feel so close and connected with for some estrange reason.

To see more pictures visit my behance portfolio.

Hope you like it and that you enjoy paper cut as much as I do!

tribal woman

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