paper cut artwork

Woman and Roses

Hey guys!

Yesterday I had very good news, one of my pieces was accepted into a spring show that will be happening this Friday April 2. Many people submitted artwork so I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to show my paper cutting for a month. I submitted two pieces but just one made it… frankly who cares? I know I don’t haha. I’m happy anyways. With the rush of having to take the two pieces to the gallery I forgot to take pictures from the piece that was accepted!!! can you believe it? men, I need to pay more attention, anyway here is the only picture that I have from her. Hope you like it and if you happen to be in Charlotte NC then by all means come to the show, there will be fantastic art, I saw the work of some of the participants the day I submitted my pieces and it was wonderful and very interesting plus don’t forget wine will be provided 😉 here is the website of The Charlotte Art League with all the information and address.

Now here is that crappy photo of my Woman & Roses

paper cut artwork

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