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Recently one of my friends gave me the opportunity to create a personalized wedding paper cut,

as you can imagine I was beyond exited with this terrific project.

My friend gave me some information about the groom, the bride and the relationship, here is the e-mail that she send me:

Hi Karla!

I’m so excited! This is such a great gift 🙂 Can you do this on gold paper? She LOVES gold. 8×10

Here’s a little bit about Marc (for the letter M)

– He is from South Africa

– Loves sports cars

– Loves to hike

– His birthday is 10.2.80

Here’s a little bit about Jess (for the letter J)

– She loves Michigan State University or ‘MSU’ for short. So maybe put in MSU somewhere.

– She also loves Britney Spears. Not sure how you would incorporate that but she is her biggest fan.

– Her birthday is 2.21.84

For the G, I want to put things about their relationship

– They met on a cruise ship

– Wedding date is 9.13.14 (definitely want that in there somewhere)

– They bought a home together

– They love to travel together

Let me know if you have any questions!


So I putted together a monogram composition and in each letter I draw the person’s details.

Let me tell you I enjoy doing this project so much, it was complex and I learned a lot mainly making mistakes and starting over again (thankfully it was in my poor sketch that I erase like a million times) but once I cached the flow I couldn’t stop.

Here are some photos of the composition’s sketch and of the final piece… hope you like it as much as I do.

paper cut sketch

paper cut monogram letter M

paper cut monogram letter G

paper cut monogram letter J

paper cut wedding monogram


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