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Reasons to be an artist

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Art has and always has had an important place in the lives of human beings, even in the beginning of the human race; I think one of the reasons is because it has the power to create a more enjoyable ambience even when it’s a “not so nice place”, I mean you can transform that “not so nice place” in a decent one if you introduce art in there. So as a mix media artist I like to think that I’m able to contribute to that task.

Also art bring us together. People like gallery crawls, museums, street art, performing artists, etc., where pieces of art are available not just to buy but mainly to admire and connect with that self inner source that all of us have and with others who happen to have the same interests and likes. So YES, for me, art is a way to connect with other human minds and souls because art, in it’s many forms, inspires us and nurtures the souls and minds of it’s spectators, so to be an artist is to contribute with that too.

As an artist, I work always thinking in others, hoping that my artwork, where I put so much effort and so much love, can contribute to the lives of people inspiring them and helping them to make their homes, offices or even social media a little bit more colorful and enjoyable.

Do you have a job that you enjoy? If so I’m glad for you 🙂

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