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So…has been weeks since my last post, sometimes I get discourage about writing here cause I feel that I’m writing for nobody and usually when there is no motivation I used to lose interest and drop things for good. But this time it’ll be different; just yesterday I went to a yoga social at a bar named The Liberty (by the way this place has delicious burgers, my favorite is the piggy burger) there was good music, friendly people, and I met a super nice woman who happens to be a yoga teacher, who happens to be a crafter, who happens to have a blog. We talk about a lot of things and one of those things was that sometimes you have to put yourself out there (blogging is a way to do it I guess) and hope for the best.

As a lot of people, I struggle with exposing myself to new environments, to new experiences or let’s say to be out there, my nature is not that outgoing and I feel vulnerable and insecure when people is paying attention to me but I also like to meet people and I enjoy a nice conversation and having a good time with some new friends. The truth is you can’t have one without the other so I’ve decided today to walk into new things along with my fear and just be there in the unknown and be curious. I will follow the advise of my new friend and put myself out there and see what happens and hope for the best…I believe that approach will be good for me and also for my art. In the meantime I’ll write about this little experiment and about my experiences, hopefully I’ll have many.

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