Photograph your art mindfully!

Chicos, it’s true, we all need to pay attention to how we photograph our pieces, especially at the beginning of our careers. I must admit I didn’t pay much attention to it and although my pictures are in high resolution and cute I still fucked up by using inconsistent backgrounds. When it comes to visual material for your website it needs to follow certain esthetic parameters, otherwise it may look unprofessional, for that reason I decided to leave out the majority of those fotos but there were two that I just couldn’t because I consider the works important as they mark the discovery of a new subject matter or element. I had no choice but to use my funky background pics as most of the art you see it’s already sold and living in another country! So I cannot shoot it anymore, it makes me sad and kind of annoyed at my younger self but oh well… won’t happen again!

That’s all amigos, love you and feliz Viernes!

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