It’s time to experiment

Last year I bought a book. This well designed book has valuable information, specially if you are a person that wants to make a creative career or let’s just say a career, on your own and you happen to be at the beginning of that dream. Everything is disorganized and you feel overwhelmed with all the information out there, at least I know I felt that way when I decided to share my artwork with others. There’re so many things that you have to think about and then of course is the fact that maybe when you start all this, your work is not going to be good enough for the venues you want to try to get in, so there’s the rejection part also… Is tough, many times I started creating and sharing, then I didn’t had the feedback that I was hopping for so I kind of gave up, and then after a few months I started to create again, that was my cycle.

This book was helpful for me because it has a lot of practical suggestions (from very talented and successful people that manage to stay in the game day after day) on how to develop a routine and other good advices like trying something new every now and then. It could be anything even if is not related to your specific craft, the point is to experiment and play with elements that otherwise you wouldn’t consider. Lately I decided that I needed to make this happen, is important to have space to try something new without the pressure of making it perfect, mistakes are more than welcome in this experimentation exercise, so I decided to draw (in illustrator) and cut geometric patterns, I got inspired by this beautiful lamps that are very uncommon.


Also, by accident, putted a paper cut over one of my old paints and I thought it looked great! So I’ve been playing with colored backgrounds too and you know what? I’m happy with the results, can’t wait to incorporate geometric patterns and color in my designs, I’m glad I took the time to think and decide what I wanted to try and give it a chance.


So today I want to share those geometric paper cuts as well as encourage you to make some room in your life for experimentation. No matter what is the thing that you’ll test, it could be a new activity like yoga or swimming or some new place that you’ve never visit before, the point is to let yourself be playful and take a small risk that will lead you to be a little bit different today. The results are going to be interesting, because no matter how it goes you’ll know more about you, plus there is evidence that getting out of the comfort zone is great for the brain.

Ok, so here it is, I made some colorful backgrounds for each paper cut, the second one is painted with acrylic and the other two are watercolors. It was different cutting geometric shapes because there is little error forgiving when cutting straight lines, I’m used to cut organic figures which are more free and have a wide margin for adjustments, it took more time to cut this small pieces (8”x8”) and my hand, fingers and shoulder were sore when I finished…




I also made an abstract organic shape:

marker strokes

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