How to cover a mistake


This one took me forever to finish! First I sketch and plan the pattern, redraw it in Illustrator, print it and then the real “fun” started… transferring the pattern to the paper to be cut, well to be honest it was repetitive and boring and of course I still had to cut it with my art knife, which was also long and tedious, It took me 8 hours to complete! I dedicated my whole day to this 8”x8” paper cut! The worst part is that I stain the paper!!!

This is the main reason that I’m sharing this with you, the damn stains! After so much work and finger pain I stained my beautiful paper cut, so, after a few minutes of thinking what to do I decided to try at least to save my intricate pink paper cut. So I applied a small amount of gold leaf, well, I liked the result plus I got to try something that otherwise I wouldn’t!!!

That made me think how many times life is like that, you just mess up something beautiful, or some obstacle arise and at least I feel like everything is ruined BUT IS NOT! It can be an opportunity to try something different, to learn something that otherwise you wouldn’t. It’s about letting go of what you used to have and to welcome what is new (even if is not good at all) and work with the new situation, I don’t know, maybe something great will come up of that.

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