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Hello guys!

Here are some ways about how to create a gallery wall in your very own home. This pictures are from pinterest, of course, and I like the fact that apparently they are using ikea frames which are inexpensive (another place to buy cheap frames is Michael’s plus they often have a 40% discount coupon) and art prints that you can find everywhere this days, for example society6, etsy, 2×200, fine art america and many more. All the sites mentioned before sell affordable prints so if you’re looking to decor your walls on a budget this is a great idea. The point is that you do not need to spend a ton of money to have a beautiful wall in your house.

You’ll see that there’re objects in the wall (like the box gloves in the first photo) not just frames, so be creative, maybe you have some cool object in your home that you don’t know where to put, go ahead and present it in the wall, it may have some interesting effect that will change the whole layout. The pictures that I show you here are from different places around the house, you can have your personal gallery even in the bathroom (3rd photo) if that’s what you like, as always, the only thing that matter is your preference.







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