Happy almost birthday!



You guys I’m so excited! My birthday is coming (in 11 days to be precise) and this has been the first year of my life that I’m looking forward to celebrate, that’s because I’ve learned so many valuable lessons mostly to love and accept myself just as I AM, faults and all, inconditinally. Not gonna lie this ideas are totally new to me, most of my life, since I was a tiny person, I was taught to judge and compare myself to others and of course I felt insignificant but no more guys! I’m starting to realize my true value and that is a beautiful experience, painful too, no kidding!  Anyways I made myself this paper cut, just because I wanted to! Hope you like it.

By the way tomorrow I’ll be traveling to Japan with my lover ?, and obviously I’ll share pics here and in my Facebook and Instagram, stay tuned.


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