Faceless, the meaning of a paper cut


Today I’ll share more photos of my last piece “Faceless” and also a little bit of the concept or idea behind this paper cut piece.

Actually this woman with no face is inspired by someone that I know, we used to be very close but for some reason we grew apart. With the years this person has become a bitter woman, very banal and superficial, always adorning her outside and forgetting about her inside. Is sad for me to see how much she has changed, how she mistreats her nuclear family and how she doesn’t care about others; for me she is totally empty.

Faceless is precisely that, a symbolism of a woman with no eyes, with no soul, without an identity. Who is she? how can you recognize a person with no face and with no heart? Faceless focus her attention in all the external and surrounds her with a lot of distractions to get your attention, there’s nothing inside, just a dull desired to keep maintaining a cute facade.

So this is the not so happy concept behind one of my favorite paper cuts, hope you like it and if you do please share!

paper cut faceless portrait


paper cut geometric detail

paper cut art faceless portrait


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