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Day of the dead, paper cut tribute

I’m Mexican and The Day Of The Dead is my favorite celebration of all. I thinks is a day full of nostalgia, flavors and celebration. It’s a day to remember and to honor dear family and friends, dead and I would say alive too.

The sugar skull is an iconic part of the celebration, is present in every altar featuring the names of our “muertitos” in her head almost saying to them, you’re always in my mind, is also a character that since 15 years ago caught my attention and admiration while I was traveling through Mexico. For me is the perfect combination between beautiful and spooky, I mean is a human skull adorned with flowers and ornaments and is made of candy!

So to honor and celebrate this day I made a sugar skull of paper and I also choose to cut a special background. Let me tell you more about the background, in Mexico we have some awesome floors (pasta floors) that look like carpets, with intricate patterns and tons of color, these floors are handmade, made piece by piece and you can admire them in old houses. Modern places don’t use them anymore because of the cost and time that the production takes. To me, those floors are like jewels, I like them so much I decided to make my background design inspired by one of those wonderful floors. I choose something simple because I wanted the skull be the protagonist that’s why the colors are so contrasting.

Pasta floors


As you can see the skull has some symbols in herself, there’s an eye with a tear, two hearts and many many flowers… I really don’t want to give you the meaning of those because that is my point of view, I don’r want to create any bias. I prefer that you put meaning in each symbol according to your thinking and feelings. I love how each person can see something different depending of many factors, right?

Well, I’ll let you with my tribute for this “Dia de los muertos”, her name is “sweet calavera”, hope you like it and enjoy it as much as I do!

day of the dead

day of the dead tribute





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