Found out that there’s something called neuroaesthetics, this rather complicated word is the name of the relatively new research field that wants to uncover what happens in the brain when art is observed or created. One of the most popular experiments was conducted by neuroscientist Semir Zeki, he wanted to know what happened in the […]

Windows of the Soul

The opening of Windows of the Soul was a success. I feel very grateful to the universe for bringing to me all the wonderful people that supported my art last Saturday! I’m particularly appreciative of Hayley Moran (owner of Haylo Healing Arts Lounge) and Hillary Heath (Haylo’s staff) for their fresh ideas and problem-solving skills. I kid you […]

Show time!

Finally! This Saturday, February 4th, I’ll be having my first solo show ever. I’m so excited/happy/grateful for this to be happening at Haylo’s (1111 Central Ave.), a place full of good vibes, positivity and powerful, talented ladies. I’m sure is no coincidence I’m showing my work in this lovely place. It has been a long road for […]

c3lab Intersection show

This is not my first group show but it is the first time that I feel part of something wonderful in Charlotte. If you were there you know that the gallery was filled with the best vibes only. I’m really grateful with C3lab and all my studio mates, it was a great night!    

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