How to Transfer a pattern (old school way)

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Today I want to share with you how I make my patterns for some of my paper cuttings. I don’t always use them, normally I free hand draw directly over the paper I’m going to cut…I know that is not recommended for most of other crafters but it works perfectly for me all the time. If pencil marks bother you there are other techniques out there to create beautiful pieces just like this one.

Hope you like it, if you do please share!

freehand drawing
Started by drawing one module of the pattern over bond paper.
transferring pattern
After finishing my drawing I used a 4b graphite pencil to “color” over my drawing. I basically made carbon paper.
handmade pattern
My pattern looks like this, I draw on the two sides of the paper because I’m going to mirror the image over my acid free paper.
In this case, for the paper cut, I used drawing paper because is acid free. I want this piece to last many years.
transferring pattern
I clip my pattern carefully to my acid free paper and started to make the transfer drawing all over the pattern.
paper cutting
Then with care (you don’t want to chop a finger) I started and kept cutting and cutting until finishing my piece.
final papercut piece
As you can see the pattern in the final piece is mirrored as I said before.
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